Listen to Bill Shankly's favourite songs

According to Karen Gill, Shankly's granddaughter, Bill used to listen faithfully to the same catalogue of songs before a big match to prepare himself mentally. "They gave him the inspiration that he needed and reflected the passion that he felt."

When (which is owned by published this article Karen Gill sent us a note saying: "I love the page where you have clips of his favourite songs." Karen then added: "Just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic job that you've done revitalizing the website about my granddad. Well done you've really done him proud."

Here were youtube clips of Shanks' favourite songs performed by the artists that Bill used to listen to, but unfortunately they're constantly being removed off youtube due to copyright concerns, so here's the list. Hopefully you will find them on youtube or on their respective albums.

Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone, Judy Collins - Amazing Grace, Peters & Lee - Welcome Home, Ray Charles - Take These Chains From My Heart, Engelbert Humperdinck - Please Release Me, Jim Reeves - I Love You Because, Tom Jones - Green Green Grass Of Home.

Shanks quote

"Then there was the time shortly after Steve Heighway first joined and we were at a meeting with Shanks. Now Steve in those days was still an amateur player in his mind as well as having a university degree, and he would take offence pretty quickly. He's a great lad, terrific fellow, but I remember a time when Shanks called him out for not helping a team-mate in a situation where he could have helped. Shanks said: 'Tell me, son, if your neighbour's house was on fire what would you do? Would you get a bucket of water and help him put it out, or would you watch it burn down?' I don't know how everybody kept a straight face, because Stevie in his wisdom gets up and says, 'Well, all I can say is till you ask me a serious question, I can't answer. If you ask me silly questions, all you're going to get is silly answers...' That knocked Shanks back on his heels and set the place rocking, I can tell you."


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