Liverpool manager statistics

Competition Total Won Draw Lost Goals for Goals against
Grand Total 783 407 198 178 1307 766
League 609 319 152 138 1034 622
FA Cup 75 40 22 13 103 50
League Cup 30 13 9 8 51 35
Europe 65 34 13 18 114 54
Other 4 1 2 1 5 5

* Please note that matches that are won or lost in a penalty shoot-out are counted as a draw in those numbers.

Shanks quote

"I'd be just about to make short work of a plate of eggs, bacon and black pudding when the phone would ring. It would be Shanks. 'Hey, Emlyn, son, don't eat that stuff you've got on your plate there. I'll be signing you shortly. I want you lean and hungry, son. Lean and hungry!' Today, thirty years later, I still associate the smell of bacon frying with the telephone ringing at 8.30 sharp on a Sunday morning."

EMLYN HUGHES - Liverpool 1967-1979 (Shankly had wanted to sign him right away from Blackpool, but was prepared to wait for him. He phoned Emlyn every Sunday morning to tell him he'd be a Liverpool player soon.)

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